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Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition

Thương hiệu: Nighthawk Interactive
Loại: Game switch
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Giới thiệu 
  • Phát hành: Nighthawk Interactive
  • Thể loại:Sports
  • Ngày phát hành: 18 tháng 9, 2018
  • Hệ máy:  
Nội dung
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is a hellishly brutal arcade-style football game which delivers intense online multiplayer action, deep strategy, and deadly humor. 
  • Fantastical arenas full of ruthless fans and deadly traps set the stage for mayhem in every contest that allows players to win by highest score or by killing and eradicating their opponents - a feat made easier as teams use their unique “Dirty Tricks” such as “Bribe the Ref” to overturn a call or having a player become “Ginormous” to grow in size and pummel the puny combatants in their path. Whenever a game begins you’ll quickly discover the only predictable element is broken bones.
  • Dynasty Mode is a single player experience where you become the coach and GM of your favorite Mutant Football League team and take a group of unproven rookies and turn them into monstrous all-stars by winning multiple Mayhem Bowls over several seasons to become the league’s next Dynasty. 
  • Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition is the spiritual successor to the retro classic Mutant League Football, designed by the creator of the original game which means you can expect deep strategy gameplay, bone-crunching, tooth-shattering hits, and a roster of ghouls delivering tongue-through-cheek humor. Oh, and blood. Lots of blood.
  • Roster updates to reflect the 2019 football season (we will have another update after final cuts - late September 2019).
  • Added custom camera for Onside Kick. 
  • Added camera shakes after brutal tackles. 
  • Mayhem Bowl game mode is reintroduced to the game. 
  • Now players can turn on/off Arena Hazards, Weather, Dirty Tricks and Game Spectate in all game modes. Game Spectate is set to OFF by default.
  • Added new Leaderboards categories in the Dynasty game mode (Funds, Point Scored, Passing Yards, Receiving Yards, Rushing Yards, Interceptions, Kills, 2018 Season). 
  • Added Leaderboard for Online Game mode (Wins, Loses, Games Played). 
  • Now players can turn on/off notification "Someone is looking for an online Match", this option is set to ON by default.



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