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Bộ Joy-Con Controllers-Neon Red-Neon Blue-Thay Thế

Thương hiệu: OEM
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Mã SP: XG005705
699,000₫ 900,000₫

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Tiêu đề
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Số lượng

Giới thiệu 
  • Hãng Sản Xuất: OEM
  • Màu sản phẩm: Neon Red/Neon Blue
Tính năng
  • 1. The switch controller compatible with the latest version 12.0 of the Nintendo console. and support wireless connection and wired connection.
  • 2. Both the left and right controllers are equipped with 300 mAh batteries. Charging time: 2 hours. After fully charged, it can be used for 4 hours in vibration mode and 8 hours in no vibration mode.
  • 3. You can connect multiple wireless controllers to the host to play multiplayer games at the same time. Controllers wireless transmission distance: ≤8 m
  • 4. The built-in gyroscope of the handle supports motion sensing function. The built-in motor in each controller supports vibration function.
  • 5. With wake-up host function. Support to capture game screenshots.
  •  6. The controller is larger than the original controller and is more suitable for large hands. Not fit in Nintendo grip that comes with the system.
  • 7. The controller does not have NFC function and infrared camera function; does not support HD vibration function, the vibration experience is different in some games.
Connection mode:
  • 1. After the left and right controllers are inserted into the console track, they are automatically connected and identified. You will hear a pairing sound (the screen also have prompts).
  • 2. You can remove the two controllers when in the connection mode. After remove them, the controller will automatically connect to the host again, and the corresponding indicator will light up.
  • 3. Reconnect:When in the Bluetooth wireless connection mode, press the right controller HOME button or the left controller screen capture button to activate the controller. The controller automatically connects to the host.
Trọn bộ
  • 2x Controllers(Left and right)
  • 1x micro usb cable
  • 1x English manual



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